I'm Wendy, a full time artist and illustrator based in Cumberland, Rhode Island.

I studied painting and textiles and spent the first 8 years of my career as an illustrator for a greeting card company. After having my daughter in 2017, I switched to freelancing full time.

My process often begins by drawing and painting botanical elements and textures by hand and then clipping, stenciling, layering and composing them digitally. The expressive and delicate hand painted botanical elements and transparent layering combine to create a natural, organic, ethereal and slightly abstract feeling.

Much of the inspiration for my work comes from my garden in which I am always tinkering and the natural flora and fauna that surrounds my little studio nestled in the woods along Miscoe lake. I have been working on my large perennial flower garden for around 10 years, but 2 years ago, I began growing cut flowers from seed. It has been really rewarding watching these little seeds grow into large plants that produce all these blooms. I enjoy tending to the little seedlings until they’re ready to go into the garden. I also love the physicality of gardening and getting my hands in the dirt. I see a lot of similarities between making art and growing things. With some perseverance and patience, they both give a lot in return.

I believe it's important for people to live in spaces surrounded by things that are personal to them and make them feel happy and peaceful. Whether that be travel mementos, a sunny windowsill filled with plants, a handwritten card from a friend, a drawing from a child or a piece of artwork that makes you feel joyful and inspired.

My clients include TJX Companies, Schurman Retail Group, Tree Free Greetings, Viabella, Gartner Greetings and more.

Besides creating art and gardening, I also very much enjoy cooking, hiking, kayaking on our lake, bird watching, our backyard fire pit, spending time with friends and family including my husband, 7 year old daughter, my 2 rescue dogs and flock of chickens, a cup of tea and volunteering at our local cat sanctuary.

I am always looking for new clients to collaborate with and would love to hear from you! Email me anytime to discuss a new project or just to say hi!